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Align yourself with the patterns in nature

The Yoga Shed

The Shed was created for my own personal practice and to share with private students. It sits at the end of my garden bathed in natural light. The peace and tranquility of the surrounding nature that is felt on arrival is magical.

The Shed is fully equipped and holds a maximum of 10 students.

To ground is to pour your energies back into the earth and feel the warm calm of nature entering your body in exchange.

Clint Ober

Bespoke Classes

For those who want a more intimate class I hold private sessions for individuals and smaller groups. In this context there is much more space for individual attention and prescriptive practices. If this is something you wish to explore please let me know by clicking on the link below.

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Bespoke Courses

Aside from my public classes which I run regularly. I also run courses which focus on specific aspects of yoga for women.  The next such events themed “shedding” are open to book, please go to the events page to find out more.

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Each time women gather in circles with each other the world heals a little more.

Shedding & other yoga & food pairings.

Some of my favourite events happen when women gather together. We practice, eat, laugh and enjoy not only the food and yoga but the ancient practice of coming together in the spirit of self soothing. I see these events as an antidote to the busy frazzled state so common to us as modern women. Coming together in all our vulnerability and strength, we experience something quite unique and often undervalued, the healing, joyous effect of us simply being together.

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