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Pregnancy Yoga

Having taught yoga for almost two decades to thousands of pregnant women and having given birth twice myself, I can say with absolute confidence pregnancy yoga works! When a woman is guided class by class, movement by movement, breath by breath, she begins to trust her creative capacities, her instinctual wisdom and her ability to birth. We breath our babies into the world and preparation in the movement and breath techniques that optimise that experience is what I teach.

Having attended Lou's classes in both prenatal yoga and Active Birth, as a practising midwife and birth educator, I can safely say that these are two of the most informative and powerful courses I have ever attended.

Megan Sheppard – Midwife, birth educator, lactation consultant

What I teach in my classes both online and in-person

Whether you chose to practice with me in person or online, I will guide you, practice by practice, to understand the changes occurring in your body, mind and spirit as you grow your baby towards birth.

Practices include:

Breath and movement and how we can optimise their effect on our nervous, skeletal and muscular systems to carry our babies in strength and confidence.

Positioning for labour and birth; how to understand the logic of our physiology.

Understanding the hormones of labour and birth; how to get them flowing and keep them flowing.

Connecting to the right of passage that birth is and how its intelligent design is one to have faith in. The power and intensity experienced are necessary to not only birth the baby but birth the woman into motherhood.

Thank you so much for being such a leader and advocate for women-centric care and thinking. One of the silver linings of this year was being able to do your class online. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your knowledge, talent and skills with us.

Clare – mom of 2

Benefits of pregnancy yoga

Yoga practices offer tremendous support for the physical transformation women experience in pregnancy and establish the environment labour and birth thrive in; a relaxed, calm, centred, strong body and mind.

In more recent times multiple evidence based studies* have confirmed what I have observed for years:

  • Regular movement and breath practices lead to greater ease in carrying baby throughout pregnancy, alleviating many common pregnancy symptoms.
  • The relaxation element of each practice allows for deep healing rest which is essential in creating a sense of clam and ease in the mother.
  • Pregnancy yoga has a profound effect on anxiety and perceived stress as a result of the deep breath work, embodying movement and relaxation elements.
  • Women who practice yoga have less intervention in labour and shorter duration of labour.

I can't thank you enough for the part you played in each of my baby journeys. You're a special, gifted person and it's wondrous the number of women's lives you have had an impact on.

Jane – mom of 4

Common Questions

At what stage can I start?
Any time after 14 weeks.

Can I attend more than one course of classes.
I would recommend doing some form of yoga at least once a week for the duration of your pregnancy from 14 weeks.

How long into pregnancy can I continue to practice.
You’re never too pregnant to do yoga and it’s never too late to start.

Do I need yoga experience?
No, all levels of experience and lack of experience are welcome.

I have pelvic girdle pain can I still attend?
Yes, I have taught women with mild to severe pelvic girdle pain. Developing greater strength and brining specific guided movement can support and often alleviate symptoms.

Do I need any special equipment?
For in person classes I have all the equipment you will need in the studio. For online class you will need a mat and some props which I guide you through at the beginning of the course.

Apart from giving me well needed advice on those little pregnancy aches and ways to ease them, every time I took your class I felt a little less anxious about giving birth and a little more connected to my baby. Honestly, every pregnant woman should make a point of attending your classes. I was so inspired by the help and strength you gave to me, and by the miracle of birth.

Sarah – first time mom