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Align yourself with the patterns in nature

Align yourself with the patterns in nature

While the wisdom of great teachers has informed my yoga, the profound rhythms and cycles of the natural world have offered me the greatest teachings of all. Awakening to these patterns within is at the centre of what I practice and what I teach. My voice speaks to the re-emergence of yoga practices, designed specifically for women and those who wish to align with and acknowledge the divine feminine within us all.

Teaching from this place creates balance and healing inside and out. 

Look deep into nature and you will
understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

What I offer

I teach public and bespoke private classes, workshops, trainings, holidays and retreats. No matter what style of class I am teaching my aim is the always the same, to reconnect each individual to that which connects us all. Such practices serve as a reminder of our interconnectedness with all of life. When we feel separate from our true nature there is imbalance, stress and challenge. Simple practices can make all the difference to our day to day experience. That’s why you will often find me outdoors barefoot on the grass. Connecting to nature quite simply connects me to truth.

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Where I teach

I teach on a weekly basis in Dublin between The Yoga Shed in my garden in Rathgar and Home Studios, Harolds Cross. Yoga retreats take place in The Cliffs of Moher Retreat Centre, Co. Clare and The Courtyard Studios in Co. Wicklow. For Yoga Holidays I can be found wherever the sun shines.

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